RAOK #17…DONATE to: Carrie’s Beanies for Brain Cancer

Brain Cancer affects the person and their family in so many ways.  It is a devastating journey that no one should have to endure.  Watching your loved one slip away and become affected by this disease is both traumatizing and merciless.

Let us join together and overcome this disease.

Visit carriesbeanies4braincancer or donateplanet to Donate.


Receipt for donation #1700XXXX
February 9, 2016
Received from LoveCathy

Thank you for your generous donation. Donate Planet (ABN 42 094 533 445).
*Donations over $2 to DGR compliant charities are tax deductible. If you have any questions, please contact us.

3 years.

3 years.

We’ve cried the tears of a million oceans.

We’ve longed for the sound of your beautiful voice.

We’ve missed the warmth of your wholehearted embrace.

3 years.

We’ve healed through happiness in the memories we’ve shared.

We’ve laughed at the gifts you’ve sent as reminders.

We’ve smiled at the thought that you’re happy and free.

3 years.

We’ve found faith in knowing you’re always with us.

We’ve found courage to face the years ahead.

We’ve loved and will continue to love you.


-J.Eden Law


RAOK # 16…Be an everyday hero…

Dear LoveCathy,

Thank you for donating to our charity on our website. Here is a little information about the charity and gift you donated.

Love, – Karma Currency

Your donation is vital to the annual celebration of OCRF White Shirt Day on 1 May that brings Australia wide awareness to the need for further research into this insidious disease.


ABOUT Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation

Every ten hours, one woman dies from ovarian cancer in Australia. The key to changing this statistic is early detection.

This gift was sent via https://www.karmacurrency.com.au/

A poem for you on your birthday…

Rumi” Whispers of the Beloved “

I cannot sleep in your presence.
In your absence, tears prevent me.
You watch me My Beloved
On each sleepless night and
Only You see the difference

Looking at my life
I see that only Love
Has been my soul’s companion
From deep inside
My soul cries out:
Do not wait, surrender
For the sake of Love.

If you can’t smell the fragrance
Don’t come into the garden of Love.
If you’re unwilling to undress
Don’t enter into the stream of Truth.
Stay where you are.
Don’t come our way.

All year round the lover is mad,
Unkempt, lovesick and in disgrace.
Without love there is nothing but grief.
In love… what else matters?

Love is our Mother and
The way of our Prophet.
Yet it is in our nature
To fight with Love.
We can’t see you, mother,
Hidden behind dark veils
Woven by ourselves.

Do you want to enter paradise?
To walk the path of Truth
You need the grace of God.
We all face death in the end.
But on the way, be careful
Never to hurt a human heart!

Do you know what the music is saying?
“Come follow me and you will find the way.
Your mistakes can also lead you to the Truth.
When you ask, the answer will be given.”

The Master who’s full of sweetness
Is so drunk with love, he’s oblivious.
“Will you give me
some of your sweetness?”
“I have none,” he says,
unaware of his richness.

You know what love is?
It is all kindness, generosity.
Disharmony prevails when
You confuse lust with love, while
The distance between the two
Is endless.

This Love is a King
But his banner is hidden.
The Koran speaks the Truth
But its miracle is concealed.
Love has pierced with its arrow
The heart of every lover.
Blood flows but the wound is invisible.

Gunyah Animal Healing Sanctuary Inc…Random Act of Kindess #15

Random Acts of Kindness #15
Random Acts of Kindness #15

A gift from to those who do not have a voice and are in need of help. You are amazing Gunyah Animal Sanctuary for the love you have brought to the lives of these animals in need, thank you.

xLove Cathy