A Daughter’s Blessing

Today is the beginning
Of God’s perfect plan anew
And from here you’ll grow and nurture
All the gifts inside of you
Created for God’s Glory
You’ve been blessed from up above
Endowed with grace and beauty
As a symbol of His love
You will walk in paths of honor
And you’ll speak at wisdom’s gate
You’ll be known among the noble
Of all women small and great
You will see through eyes of faith
When the storms of life rage strong
You will stand upon God’s promise
And find peace to carry on
You will listen with your heart
And be swift to hear the good
With a kind and gentle spirit
You’ll treat others as you shouldAnd as your mother I’m very proud
Of what you will become
Inside our hearts we’ll share a place
Forever… daughter and mom

© Martha Anderson

Source: From Mother To Daughter, A Daughters Blessing, Prayer Poem http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/a-daughters-blessing#ixzz2lnpbsfEE
Family Friend Poems

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