Random Acts of Kindness #2-#11


What can $5.00 buy nowadays? Hmmm…I can hear you say, “Well not alot really.”  Well we decided to take $5.00 in a LoveCathy envelope and give it to 10 random, unsuspecting people.

We are happy to report that although $5.00 may not buy alot these days,  it certainly can create a smile and a little pick me up by simply offering a small gesture of kindness.


PS Were you one of those unsuspecting people?  Leave a comment.

4 thoughts on “Random Acts of Kindness #2-#11”

  1. Now if you brought your dollars to South Africa you could give ten people fifty bucks each! that would buy a meal for a poor family in the right hands. so perhaps your acts are kinder than you think.

  2. My father was one of the ten bestowed with your kindness at Pittwater. He asked I find out what Love Cathy is about. Thank you for sharing it with others.

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