LoveCathy…10 months

Today is a lovely hot summer day in Sydney. The ocean waves are melodically rolling, the air is feathery and warm and the sand feels like a million tiny men massaging my feet.  I feel so grateful to be experiencing these heavenly surroundings yet due south there is a heaviness that sits stoutly in my heart.

Our beautiful mom, Cathy Slowski, passed away 10 months ago today and we still miss her so very much.  Some days are harder than others and this is one of those days. She is always on the cusp of my thoughts.  There are a lot of triggers that remind me of her, music especially, but it can also be a small random thing like the smell of sauteed butter and onions that might set me into a deluge of tears.  However, as time arrogantly passes, the tears are coming less frequently and I am starting to see a ray of light in these thoughtful souvenirs.

I thought I saw her yesterday sitting in a purple car while I was running down the road,  the lights were blinking so I stopped and waved and then she vanished. I know it sounds crazy but it felt real…surreal. As I kept running, I thought to myself, did that just happen? Maybe it was her way of letting me know she is happy, well and driving around in a purple car on the other side…with Journey playing on the radio.

That sounds just like our mom.



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